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Japan’s CMK to to accelerate development with 3D printing platform

Nano Dimension is making its entry into the Japanese market with the sale of its DragonFly Pro 3D printing platform to PCB manufacturer CMK Corporation in Tokyo. CMK will use the DragonFly Pro multi-material additive manufacturing system for faster prototyping cycles of printed wiring boards (PWB) during early development stage, and use it to take new various suggestions of PWB shapes or layer structures to their customers. CMK believes that their development products can be completed earlier using this 3D printing machine for PWB. The DragonFly Pro enables designers to move rapidly from concept and design validation to production of precision electronic components while keeping the entire process securely in-house. With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing PWBs, CMK derives about 70% of its sales from automotive electronics – from circuit prototypes for car accessories, to complex electronic control systems, engine management systems and applications for autonomous […]


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