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It’s Showtime! Has 3D Printing Finally Matured?

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has put manufacturing under a microscope. It has enabled the whole world to see glaring instances of inadequacies and a general lack of preparedness as supply chains seemingly crumbled overnight.


Of course, it has also shown amazing strengths in leadership, innovation, determination and collaboration as a growing number of manufacturers leveraged internal capabilities and external partnerships to dynamically pivot operations to meet the dire needs of patients and people on the frontlines. Throughout the entire response, one industry fully embraced the opportunity to thrive.


Simply put, the pandemic created a perfect storm for 3D printing/additive manufacturing.


The crisis opened the door for a young – yet rapidly maturing — industry as its growing community of passionate users and advocates embraced the challenge to demonstrate the technology’s potential. As such, 3D printing’s potential has taken center stage – giving manufacturers who may have not […]


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