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‘It was amazing’: How 3D printers taught kindy kids to take risks

'It was amazing': How 3D printers taught kindy kids to take risks

Written by David

October 29, 2018

Alexis King was dubious about whether kindy kids would engage with a 3D printing project. But her doubts disappeared as she watched them designing a boat for teddy bears, testing it out, then going back to fix the design if it didn’t work. “It was amazing,” said Ms King, the deputy principal of Carlingford West Public School. “I was so surprised, and so thrilled that the skills they’ve learned in kindy have fed into that early pipeline of stem success.” Maker spaces – areas where kids can get creative with science and technology – are popular in primary schools, especially with a new K-6 science syllabus beginning next year. But there has been little research to support that enthusiasm. So Matt Bower, a specialist in the use of technology for learning at Macquarie University, led the largest investigation yet into what students learn, the specific kinds of challenges teachers […]


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