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Is the Ultimaker S5 the ultimate Ultimaker 3D printer?

Is the Ultimaker S5 the ultimate Ultimaker 3D printer?

Written by David

May 11, 2019

Welcome to the latest installment of ZDNet’s DIY IT Discovery Series on 3D Printing and Desktop Fabrication . We’re looking at the Ultimaker S5 . There is a lot to discuss with this new flagship of the Ultimaker line. Let’s start off with build size. The S5 is much bigger than the Ultimaker 3. It’s a 330x240x300mm build size, compared to the 215x215x200 of the Ultimaker 3. Both the Ultimaker 3 and the new S5 are dual filament printers. But the older Ultimaker 3 would lose some of its build space when using two extruders. It would lose 18mm in build size, going down to 197x215x200, when you used two nozzles. By contrast, the Ultimaker S5 does not lose any build space when you’re using both nozzles, which is a nice improvement. One feature the S5 added over its predecessor is an end-of-filament sensor. If the machine runs out […]


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