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Is blockchain 3D printing’s guardian angel?

Nowadays, wherever there is an opportunity for technology to boost efficiency or lower costs in businesses, there is a new cybersecurity threat to even out the benefits. How 3D printing is transforming the production line That’s especially true in the coming age of ‘ Industry 4.0 ’, where the introduction of new, connected IT alongside legacy equipment can bring its own set of unforeseen vulnerabilities. Forecast to be worth US$21 billion by 2021, 3D printing is becoming a key component in next-gen manufacturing. Today, brands as large and diverse as Boeing and Heineken are using the process of additive manufacturing to create bespoke parts overnight. Across all sectors, multinationals and SMEs alike are realizing applications in rapid prototyping, custom tooling and even production itself — with bottom-line benefits in efficiency and costs, all available at an increasingly accessible starting price. Of course, 3D printers aren’t magic. Whether outsourced or […]


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