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Is 3D Supplement Printing The Next Trend In Longevity?

Is 3D Supplement Printing The Next Trend In Longevity?

In 2018, Adidas stunned the world with its first-ever 3D printed shoe Alphaedge 4D. Gillette introduced the Razor Maker platform, which uses Formlabs Form 2 3D printers to provide unique and highly personalized razors to their customers. And Lufthansa is investing in 3D printed aircraft parts.


If we take a look at our surroundings, we can see the vast potential that 3D printing technology can create. However, 3D printing technology has an impact in unexpected industries.


Not only can a 3D printer create that new shoe or that exciting prototype, but it can also have incredible potential in dietary supplements, medicine and environmental sustainability. As the founder of the $100 million Longevity Vision Fund, which is dedicated to accelerating life extension breakthroughs, here’s why I believe 3D supplement printing may be the next trend in longevity. Applications In Dietary Supplements The world of fitness, health and wellness is […]


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