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Is 3D printing cheaper than injection molding?

Written by David

October 3, 2019

It can be, but it depends on several factors. .

  • The number of units to be produced
  • The number of times a design could or will change
  • Time
  • Part finish needs

3D printing is not as fast at making products as injection molding. Thus, when the need is for thousands of the same product, injection molding can be the more cost- effective choice.


In general, service bureaus that provide both services will say that if you need more than 10,000 products in a year, you are better off with injection molding. If you need only a few hundred to a couple of thousand units, then 3D printing will offer more advantages.


The key advantage behind 3D printing is you will likely not need a mold, as you will with injection molding. Molds are usually expensive to design and make. The cost of a mold is amortized over the […]

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