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iro3d starts shipment of $5,000 metal 3D printer

Written by Paul

November 5, 2018

iro3d , a metal 3D printer startup based in Seattle, Washington, has started shipment of its $5,000 desktop systems. Available for U.S. pre-oders from May 2018, the company reported in June that production was “on schedule.” Now, iro3d has reportedly completed 4 orders within the past few months, delivering to a potential reseller in Hong Kong, one Canadian company, and two independent customers in the U.S. Selective Powder Deposition The iro3d metal 3D printer is a compact desktop system that uses a process termed Selective Powder Deposition (SPD). In SPD, metal powders are deposited alongside various layers of sand support through a tubular “pourer” head. Completed inside a crucible, the 3D printing process is relatively slow. As an estimate, iro3d recommends that users allow about 24 hours for completion dependent on part complexity. In the last step of 3D printing, the crucible gets filled to the top with sand, […]


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