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Phytec’s PCB sensor for ambient temperature and relative humidity printed on Nano Dimension’s DragonFly Pro System. “Alexa, dim the dining room lights.” Five years ago, that would have been a command to a human. Today, Alexa is but one virtual personal assistant among vast networks of interconnected “smart” devices totaling 8.4 billion units that is taking the world by storm. The concepts behind this “Internet of Things” or IoT is simple: Connect devices to each other and the Internet by building sensors and transmitters into them, so they can “communicate” and collectively serve a function better than if each were operating individually. The IoT concept stretches back to the 1980s , but the enabling technologies — RFIDs, reliable sensor networks and an updated internet protocol (IPv6) — that can accommodate billions of connected devices wasn’t ready till the 21 st century. The ingredients for functional IoT systems have been […]