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Interview: Xerox adds jetting expertise to liquid metal additive manufacturing tech

Xerox acquired Vader Systems’ liquid metal additive manufacturing technology back in January. The entry of any well-known – or ‘2D printing’ – company into the additive manufacturing (AM) industry has become the pinnacle of not only a good headline but proof that 3D printing is serious business. HP baited its entry for some time before officially launching its polymer technology back in 2016, Ricoh built its own powder-bed system , and other household brands including Polaroid and Kodak have since introduced smaller desktop products aimed at more commercial and education facing markets. So, when Xerox , another digital print technology giant, tipped 3D printing, namely metals, as one of its key focus areas for its three-year innovation roadmap, our curiosity was one again piqued. Perhaps the most surprising element of the reveal, which took place back in February at the company’s 2019 Investor Day, was that rather than being […]


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