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Interview with Simon Fried, Nano Dimension: 3D printing non-planar electronics

Written by Paul

September 17, 2018

3D printed electronics are informing the future of our devices. From drones to mobile phones, from laptops to satellites, the technology has the potential to accelerate product development and transform function and design. Non-planar electronics is one area where 3D printing has revolutionary potential. Essentially the antithesis to the traditional stacks of two-dimensional layers in a traditional circuit board, non-planar electronics can enable unique complex shapes, to redefine the limits of traditional electronics. In this interview Simon Fried , CBO and co-founder of PCB 3D printing company Nano Dimension , discusses the role of 3D printing in non-planar electronics, and the rise of a parallel additive manufacturing sector. Form follows function As a multi-hundred billion dollar global market, the electronic sector is faced with the challenge of developing new, lighter and more intuitive devices. This is also a sector […]


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