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Interview with Ken Welch of Altair on SimSolid Simulation Software for 3D Printing

Written by David

February 6, 2019

Ken Welch became the manager of Product Marketing of AutoCAD in 1995. He then rose through the ranks to CEO at the Moldflow Corporation, a simulation software package for injection molding which was acquired by Autodesk. Later he worked at MSC the company that makes Digimat and went on to found SimSolid. SimSolid was acquired by Altair.Altair makes software such as SmartWorks for IoT, SolidThinking which does manufacturing simulation and many other tasks and also the HyperWorks suite that lets you conduct a broad array of CAE simulations . As track records go Ken’s is pretty incredible. His specialization in simulation means as well that his field of expertise has gone from obscurity to being top of mind in a lot of engineering disciplines. Simulation keeps expanding and simulation firms have set their sights squarely on the 3D printing market. Siemens , ANSYS and Materialise are just some of […]


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