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Interview with Fried Vancraen on 30 Years in 3D Printing

Interview with Fried Vancraen on 30 Years in 3D Printing

Written by David

December 4, 2019

Being such a young industry, we have only a few giants. One of them is Fried Vancrean.


The soft-spoken Fried started as a research scientist before starting Materialise over thirty years ago. Quiet, analytical, and wise Fried has guided Materialise through three decades of 3D printing development.


Over that time, the Belgian firm has become a large 3D printing service that is also the de facto leader in 3D printing software. To disclose my biases, I should point out that I’ve worked for Fried, and I admire him. No one else in 3D printing has proven to be as gifted at identifying new business opportunities in 3D printing and avoiding perilous markets.


With a long track record, Materialise has pioneered the production and software chain in hearing aids, dental guides, surgical guides, CMF implants, prototypes, car parts, aircraft parts, and functional prototypes. Magics is the default file preparation and […]


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