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Interview With 3D Printing Pioneer Janne Kyttanen

Interview With 3D Printing Pioneer Janne Kyttanen

Written by David

November 24, 2018

We had a chance to catch up with 3D pioneer, Janne Kyttanen , to talk all things 3D, and a little bit about fatherhood too. Janne has been behind the scenes quietly working on several 3D related projects that he can now share with us in more detail. In addition to co-founding a VC , Janne consults to companies to help with the ever-changing landscape of 3D in order to prepare for digital transformation and avoid 3D confusion. Janne also tries to add value to a brand with design solutions, identifying new 3D technologies or simply coming up with new tech strategies to disrupt the industry. Janne was instrumental in making some of the first design jewelry, lamps, and furniture in 3D printing. He also started 3D printing’s first design label .MGX and the first design studio FOC before leading design at 3D Systems. In addition to leading in […]


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