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The Pantone Matching System (PMS) from New Jersey-based color measurement specialist Pantone is the most widely used color standard in the world. Through the development of full-color 3D printers, it make sense then that this technology should also conform to the PMS, and attain the ability to replicate color in a way that is recognizable and, ultimately, 100% repeatable.

Already, some systems, including the Stratasys J735 and J750 , and FiberForce filament are validated by Pantone.

But, what’s next for the system?

3D Printing Industry speaks to Iain Pike Director of Partner Business Development at Pantone, to learn more. Pantone Formula Guide, printed on a coated paper. Image via Pantone. A universal language of color Pantone is a part of the Danaher Corporation which acquired the parent company of Pantone, Xrite , based in Michigan. Xrite is one of the leaders in color measurements and management products and is […]