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Interview: Ultimaker’s new Americas President on Heineken and digital transformation

Interview: Ultimaker's new Americas President on Heineken and digital transformation

Written by David

June 13, 2019

Ultimaker Three months into his new role, standing on his company’s booth at the biggest additive manufacturing trade show on his patch, Jamie Howard, Ultimaker’s Americas President, recalls his first 3D printing experience. “I was Chief Product Officer for a company called Kymeta , and I used 3D printing technology to do rapid prototyping. That’s where I became familiar with the power of 3D printing. We had to do really fast design iterations and it was expensive to take it out to a third party to make these designs. These were metal materials, flat panel, 1 centimetre satellite antennas that produced a holographic beam that [uses] software to maintain connectivity to the satellite. It cost tens of thousands of dollars to make a prototype. 3D printing really reduced the time and cost of being able to do that.” Howard passed through Kymeta, a company with financial backing from Bill […]


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