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INTERVIEW: Dr. Billy Wu, Imperial College London, on multi-metal 4D printing

Written by David

March 14, 2019

Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing (ECAM) is a new method of low-cost metal fabrication in development at Imperial College London (ICL). Expanding on a presentation of the technique from Advanced Materials Technologies in August 2017, the ICL team has recently published a paper on ECAM’s potential for 4D printing. Dr. Billy Wu is one of the three corresponding authors of the new ECAM article for Scientific Reports . In his tenure as Senior Lecturer in Energy and Manufacturing at the ICL Dyson School of Design Engineering, Dr. Wu also co-leads the university’s Additive Manufacturing Network (AMN). 3D Printing Industry speaks to Dr. Wu to learn more the ICL’s team’s vision for self-assembling metal. ECAM 3D printed samples spelling out Imperial College London initials. Uncut original image via Advanced Materials Technologies Laser-free metal additive ECAM is a fabrication method based on the principles of electroplating , commonly used to add more valuable […]


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