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Interview: CEO John Dogru discusses 3DPrinterOS’ user base, 3D print farms and the ‘stigma’ around desktop machines

Interview: CEO John Dogru discusses 3DPrinterOS' user base, 3D print farms and the 'stigma' around desktop machines

Written by David

May 13, 2020

A boy sits, after a visit to Radio Shack and harnessing his inherited penchant for engineering, with infrared diodes and resistors, making by hand his own laser tag gun.


Some years later, he is still gathering componentry to build things; this time his own personal computer using the CP/M operating system.


And then more than a decade after that, by this time living in Estonia working at a voice recognition company he helped to build, John Dogru comes across an early MakerBot 3D printer, the kind of desktop machine many hobbyists were self-assembling at home 20 years after the larger frame systems had first been commercialised.


A trend that paralleled with computing, he noticed; and a stigma attached he would come to know and is now trying to break down. As the CEO of cloud management software vendor 3DPrinterOS talks to TCT, he remarks: “people say ‘it’s just a […]


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