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INTAMSYS’ New Advanced PAEK Material Better Than PEEK?

INTAMSYS’ New Advanced PAEK Material Better Than PEEK?

Written by David

July 23, 2020

INTAMSYS announced a partnership with Victrex to allow use of a newly designed PAEK 3D printer filament in their high-temperature equipment.


INTAMSYS has been focusing on the high-temperature 3D printing market for several years, releasing a series of machines capable of working with high-temp materials like PEEK, ULTEM and others at blisteringly high operating temperatures.


High-Temperature 3D Printing


These high-temp materials have been highly desirable of late as their thermal properties allow parts made from them to be used in a much wider set of applications, specifically where environmental temperatures are high. Unfortunately, very few 3D printers are properly optimized to print with them, as you need not only extremely high nozzle temperatures, but also enclosed chambers with significant internal heating. INTAMSYS observed a problem with some PEEK materials during the course of their work: the PEEK materials typically used are not optimized […]


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