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Inspired by nature, firm launches 3D-printed footwear collection

Inspired by nature, firm launches 3D-printed footwear collection

Written by David

January 26, 2019

Combining technology with fashion, a firm has used 3D-printing to print shoes inspired by nature. Being more innovative, footwear brand Ica & Kostika have used 3D-printing technology to create a range of shoes, which it dubbed as its ‘Exobiology’ collection. The firm has designed the shoes that will fit the wearer’s natural foot shape. Inspired from nature, the shoes are shaped and named as Seahorse, Coral, and Vertebrae. Co-founder Ica Paru said, “This collection is a celebration of the natural systems that create beautiful intricacies and how we can go beyond nature to create a form engineered to our desires, something otherworldly.” Though the shoes appear to be a bit rigid, but according to Ica & Kostika, comfort was their first priority hence, the 3D-printed shoes fit perfectly providing a comfortable experience. The shoes were designed to complement the natural shape and curve of the foot, while also challenging […]


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