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Inside Relativity Space’s 3D-printing rocket ‘factory of the future’

Inside Relativity Space’s 3D-printing rocket ‘factory of the future’

Written by David

October 13, 2020

Relativity Rocket builder Relativity Space this summer moved into its new headquarters in Long Beach, California – and already the company is manufacturing the parts it needs for its first launch late next year.


Relativity is currently building the first iteration of its Terran 1 rocket. But unlike other rockets, Relativity is using multiple 3D-printers, all developed in-house, to build Terran 1. The rocket is designed to have about 95% of its parts be 3D-printed, which allows Relativity’s rocket to be less complex, and faster to build or modify, than traditional rockets. Additionally, Relativity says its simpler process will eventually be capable of turning raw material into a rocket on the launchpad in under 60 days. While Relativity had made progress testing its 3D-printing technology , the company’s 120,000 square foot headquarters […]


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