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Industry Experts Interview Naomi Kaempfer

Industry Experts Interview Naomi Kaempfer

Naomi Kaempfer Naomi Kaempfer is the Creative Director of Art, Fashion and Design for Stratasys . She has a wide background of experience within the 3D printing and fashion realm. Kaempfer specialises in 3D printing, art & design driven business strategies. She is a great resource of knowledge within the burgeoning 3D printing and fashion industry. What got you interested in the combination of fashion and technology? [Image: Materialise] I studied Law and Philosophy and achieved a Bachelors in product engineering, MSc in Design Management. I specialized in bridging business strategies with international design and creative markets translating solutions from product design into non-standard architecture, among others. After working with ONL on the show for the NSA at Pompidou, I was asked to establish the design and art Platform for manufacturing, which was a novelty in the consumer market in 2003. This platform became the renowned *.MGX for Materialise. […]


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