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Industrialized continuous fiber composite printing in Delft

Industrialized continuous fiber composite printing in Delft

Written by David

May 10, 2019

3D printing of continuous fiber-reinforced composites continues to expand and advance. Many new companies and developments have emerged since Markforged announced the Mark One continuous fiber 3D printer in 2014. I have blogged on many of these, and I will continue to explore the rapidly developing landscape and players for CW readers. CEAD (Delft, Netherlands) was introduced in Karen Mason’s March 2019 feature, “ Moving continuous-fiber 3D printing into production ”. In this blog, I give more details based on my interviews with co-founder Maarten Logtenberg, including why the company sells its extruder separately and the company’s vision for the future of continuous fiber printing. Printing with and without continuous fiber — in the same print Along with Logtenberg, CEAD was founded by Lucas Janssen. They were half of the team that started the Dutch 3D printer company Leapfrog. “We’ve made a lot of different 3D printing machines for […]


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