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Industrial 3D printing poised to shift from prototyping to full-scale production runs, says survey

Industrial 3D printing is poised to move from prototyping to full-scale production runs, according to a survey by Essentium , a provider of 3D printing technology and materials for additive manufacturing. Essentium says the findings of its survey, 3D Printing At Scale , conducted by Dimensional Research, reveal that confidence in, and deployment of, industrial-scale 3D printing is at a tipping point amongst 3D production manufacturing stakeholders and decision makers. Over half of the respondents report to be preparing for full-scale 3D printing production runs, 21 percent now use 3D printing for full-scale production part runs, and 88 percent believe the economic advantage to manufacturing industries from production scale 3D printing will be in the billions of dollars. As well as reducing manufacturing costs, the transformational impact on manufacturing from industrial-scale 3D printing is expected to be far-reaching according to the survey findings. Forty-three percent of respondents believe it […]


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