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India Bats for Imposing Customs Duty on Computer Aided Design files for 3D Printing

Earlier this week, India proposed the World Trade Organization (WTO) to end its e-commerce moratorium and allow developing countries, like itself, to impose customs duties on computer-aided design, or CAD files, which are the basis for 3D printing.


It pitched for the consent to tax electronic transmissions which, at present, are immune from taxation. Current Round of Discussion on Imposing Customs Duty on Computer Aided Design The current round of arguments is conducted after the WTO members, in December 2019, decided to extend the moratorium on e-commerce transmissions from the imposition of customs duties by six months till June. These propositions come after recent paper by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) cautioned that the implications of the moratorium go much beyond customs tariff revenue losses for developing countries due to the advancement […]


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