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In the Face of Climate Change: Saving Coral Reefs with 3D Printing

In the Face of Climate Change: Saving Coral Reefs with 3D Printing

Written by David

October 15, 2018

A combination of human activities has put a number of species of coral on both the endangered and threatened species lists, but as humanity as a whole eradicates these crucial creatures, some people are doing their part to try and restore coral populations around the world. Among them is Alex Goad, whose Australia-based Reef Design Lab is creating artificial structures using 3D printing on which to grow new coral colonies. Alex Goad’s MARS structure, made with 3D printing. On the left, the structure upon installation in the Maldives. On the right, the structure as it begins to support life. (Image courtesy of Reef Design Lab.) reached out to Goad to learn about what he’s doing to benefit the marine ecosystem and how 3D printing fits in with his company’s work. The State of Coral Perhaps best known for the stunning colors and shapes decorating the Great Barrier Reef, […]


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