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Improved 3D Printing: Near-Convex Decomposition & Layering

Improved 3D Printing: Near-Convex Decomposition & Layering

Written by David

June 8, 2020

Researchers İlke Demir, Daniel G. Aliaga, and Bedrich Benes tackle one of the most popular topics in 3D printing today: optimization. While the many benefits of digital fabrication are oft discussed—from greater affordability, improved speed in production, and the ability to create and re-design without a middleman—challenges continue to arise due to continual innovation. Ever on the search for perfection, users are continually seeking ways to predict mechanical properties, decrease defects, and monitor additive manufacturing systems. 


In this study, the authors focus on reducing the amount of material used, reducing print times, and refining accuracy.


Detailing the efforts of their research in ‘ Near-convex decomposition and layering for efficient 3D printing ,’ we learn more about their ‘divide-and-conquer approach,’ featuring automatic decomposition and configuration of an input object into print-ready components.


“3D printers have both limitations and advantages depending on the coherency between the printer features and […]


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