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Impressive SEM video shows accuracy and design freedom of nano 3D printing

Impressive SEM video shows accuracy and design freedom of nano 3D printing

Written by David

June 14, 2019

Additive processes of all types and sizes continue to evolve the world of manufacturing. Advantages like freedom in design and shortened product development cycles enable individualization and innovations of products continuously. While technologies such as powder bed fusion or material jetting are already establishing themselves as industrial production processes, additive manufacturing of nano- and microstructures – 3D microfabrication – is now opening prototyping, tooling and small series production on an entirely new scale. Nanoscribe is the leading company supplying high-resolution nano 3D printers and solutions for advanced 3D Microfabrication. The company’s Photonic Professional GT2 systems are powerful tools for the fabrication of 3D microparts with submicron features. In the impressive fly-over video above, a sequence of scanning electron microscope (SEM) images showcases extremely filigree structures fabricated with a Nanoscribe system. From different angles, diverse geometries illustrate the remarkable versatility of high-resolution 3D printing. The arrangement of 18 different objects […]


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