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Imperial Mining CEO: Scandium Will Disrupt the Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Imperial Mining CEO Peter Cashin joined the Investing News Network to provide an overview of the scandium market and its many use cases. According to Imperial Mining Group (TSXV: IPG ) CEO Peter Cashin, scandium- aluminum alloys have numerous industrial applications. It is corrosion-resistant and 40 percent lighter than titanium alloys, which has captured the attention of automobile and aerospace manufacturers. In the interview below, Cashin touched on Imperial Mining’s marketing efforts in Europe. He has determined that automobile manufacturers are interested in using scandium, but are unwilling to work with companies in jurisdictions with environmental liability concerns. Additionally, automobile manufacturers are looking for the right price before they initiate R&D programs. According to Cashin, Imperial Mining has negated such risks with its Crater Lake scandium project in Quebec, Canada, a world-renowned and reliable mining jurisdiction. He believes that once in production, Crater Lake could make a return at […]


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