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IKEA’s ThisAbles 3D printed add-ons make furniture more accessible

IKEA’s ThisAbles 3D printed add-ons make furniture more accessible

Written by David

March 19, 2019

Swedish furniture giant IKEA has recognized the benefits of 3D printing, launching limited 3D printed collections and exploring the technology with partners such as UNYQ . Most recently, the company released a series of DIY 3D printed add-ons to make its existing products more accessible to those with special needs. The project, called ThisAbles, was recently launched by IKEA Israel in an effort to make the company’s iconic home furnishings more easily accessible to people with physical disabilities. The product series consists of add-ons like easy handles, mega switches, glass bumpers, friendly zippers, curtain grippers and more, which can all be downloaded as 3D printable files and printed at home or through a service. The products address a range of special needs cases, including limited hand functions, mobility issues and visual impairments. With all levels of accessibility in mind, all the 3D printable files are free to download. Each […]


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