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IDTechEx forecasts on the 3D market

IDTechEx forecasts on the 3D market

The IDTechEx Show! presents 3D Printing Europe 2019 in Berlin April 9-12, which offers the opportunity for key innovators and end users across several verticals to share their insights and expertise in the leading edge of additive manufacturing. IDTechEx forecasts the total market value of 3D printers, materials and services will be $31 billion by 2029. Attendees will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with past and present 3D printing innovations, covering a range of different applications at the two analyst-led Masterclasses. IDTechEx Analyst Dr Bryony Core will share expertise with attendees to provide an overview with the most prescient recent developments in the 3D printing industry, before forecasting what is next on the horizon for this rapidly evolving technology. The diverse range of expert led conference tracks at 3D Printing Europe 2019 provides technical analysis, commercial understanding and market outlooks across the key topic areas concerning the development […]


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