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Hyperganic: Voxel-based Software for Complex 3D Printing

Hyperganic: Voxel-based Software for Complex 3D Printing

Written by David

February 26, 2019

Hyperganic, a German company, builds generative design software to 3D print objects as complex as nature. Though it was founded in 2015, it’s just now ready to reveal what its powerful algorithms can do. Tucked away on a wide, tree-lined street off the glamourous Leopoldstraße in Munich, Germany, is the home of a deep-tech software company capable of transforming additive manufacturing. Hyperganic, the latest venture by German entrepreneur Lin Kayser, is on a mission to use 3D printing to produce objects that approach nature’s complexity using generative design. Using powerful algorithms, Kayser has created a voxel-based software that strips away the design constraints of STL files. “Manufacturing is undergoing a transformation as fundamental as the move to mass production 100 years ago,” explains Kayser. “The design of these objects requires a radically new approach, where they are not engineered visually, but with their functional intent at […]


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