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A global manufacturer of specialty chemicals, Huntsman, has unveiled details of a range of additive manufacturing materials that it has developed, which will address emerging needs in the 3D printing industry.

Huntsman’s IROPRINT additive manufacturing platform contains three different kinds of urethane-based materials (resins, powders, and filaments).

The urethane-based materials can be 3D printed using a variety of additive manufacturing methods including stereolithography (SLA), high speed sintering (HSS) and fused filament fabrication (FFF). Initially, Huntsman is launching its range of soft, flexible IROPRINT additive manufacturing materials in the global footwear and sports industry, where 3D printing is being used to make both customised and mass manufactured shoes.

Longer-term, Huntsman plans to roll its IROPRINT additive manufacturing platform out across a much wider range of applications and industries, the company said in a media statement. At present, the IROPRINT additive manufacturing platform includes three product lines, […]