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HRE’s 3D-printed titanium wheels are basically witchcraft

HRE's 3D-printed titanium wheels are basically witchcraft

Written by David

November 14, 2018

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law of futurist writing states, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” HRE’s new 3D-printed titanium concept wheels very nearly fall under that definition. HRE Wheels announced this week that it teamed up with GE Additive to create the HRE3D+ concept wheel. This wild design, which has spokes going through other spokes, was created using 3D-printed titanium, allowing the wheel company to create a design that wouldn’t be possible through traditional manufacturing methods like CNC machining alone. Here’s how it works. The wheel was created from titanium powder and a type of 3D printing called electron beam melting . An electron beam generates heat, which is used to form the powder into metal structures in a vacuum. Titanium likes to react with oxygen, so the vacuum bit is especially important. This technology can make more than wheels — it’s being investigated for use in […]


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