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HP Taps On 3D Printing’s 20-Billion Dollar Promise

For all the buzz surrounding 3D printing, companies had for many years struggled to find ways to incorporate the technology into large-scale manufacturing operations. High equipment and material costs were notable barriers to implementation. But HP Inc wants to change that through its 3D printing solutions. The American printer manufacturer is making significant inroads into the 3D printing space at industrial volumes across the automotive, industrial, medical and consumer sectors. For instance, BMW Group is using HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers to manufacturer window guide rails for its i8 Roadster, while Volkswagen is using HP’s technology for both plastic and metal applications to produce car parts. If you look at the market sizing of 3D printing, it is coming around to be twenty billion dollars worldwide. On the other hand, the manufacturing sector is a twelve trillion dollar industry. That is a huge opportunity for us In the […]


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