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HP (HPQ) Fortifies 3D Printing Capabilities With New Steps

HP (HPQ) Fortifies 3D Printing Capabilities With New Steps

Written by David

June 10, 2020

HP Inc. HPQ recently announced a series of initiatives in the field of additive manufacturing, also referred to as 3D printing. Most notable among these announcements was its introduction of Polypropylene (PP) material for additive manufacturing — HP 3D High Reusability PP — a chemically resistant material that suits HP’s production-grade 3D printing systems.


The PP material will help enhance production performance while optimizing costs, especially for customers in the automotive, consumer, industrial and medical sectors. Notably, the new PP material is enabled by BASF, which HP recently partnered with. HP also partnered with design and manufacturing company, Oechsler, to develop applications for HP’s materials, new PP materials and HP customer Cobra Golf’s Metal Jet 3D printing technology. Notably, HP is focusing on enhancing its 3D printing business capabilities in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Addressing the company’s efforts to leverage its 3D printing capabilities to respond to […]


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