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How To Use 3D Printing To Save Your Classic Automobile

How To Use 3D Printing To Save Your Classic Automobile

Written by David

March 31, 2019

Let’s face it, 3D printing is still considered a hobby by many in the mainstream consumer tech space. We see toys and trinkets on Thingiverse (the first online repository of 3D models) or shared on Instagram. While it is definitely a technology that hobbyists use, the amazing list of professional, engineering-quality objects being produced on 3D printers is stunning. On Twitter this week, one of my favorite tech sites, Hackaday , published a post on Casting Car Emblems With 3D Printing by Lewin Day and it started me thinking about how many people will take problems and find solutions with a variety of tech or homegrown devices to create something fun and also useful. In it, he briefly explains the process of “Lost PLA Casting” that is based on the older method of lost wax casting — in which you create a part that will get burned away when […]


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