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How to use 3D printing to cure deafness?

How to use 3D printing to cure deafness?

Written by David

May 22, 2019

We see it more and more often, 3D printing allows new incredible innovations in the medical sector. Additive manufacturing is an outstanding technique to go through new challenges, reach new goals, and when it comes to medical applications, 3D printing can help to cure more and more diseases, bringing adapted treatment and devices to patients. In a world where it is actually possible to use 3D printing for knee replacement , how far can we go? Today, we are going to see how additive manufacturing can be used for a middle ear transplant, in order to help cure deafness. Discover this amazing story right now, and see how it is now possible to use 3D printing to cure deafness. A middle ear transplant using 3D printing Researchers from South Africa used 3D printing for an impressive operation, to help cure deafness. For this, they proceeded to do a middle […]


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