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How to select the right 3D printer

Factors of cost, quality, function and material requirements help narrow the field. Phil Hutchinson | element14 community The 3D printing process offers electronic engineers a great way to speed up innovation. Early adopters such as the aerospace and defense industries have long used 3D printing for rapid concept modeling, component prototyping and the production of end products, without the constant retooling of manufacturing lines. Though the technology has been around for nearly three decades, recent advances have made 3D printers a much more attractive investment. Three-D printers are now more affordable than ever, and some entry-level printers cost below $200. Options have multiplied as the number of 3D printer manufacturers nearly tripled between 2014 to 2018 to about 120 today. In addition, the quality and speed of print have improved, and a wide variety of 3D-printable materials are available. We are also beginning to see the emergence of 3D-printed […]


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