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How to Prevent ABS from Warping on a Heated Bed

How to Prevent ABS from Warping on a Heated Bed

Written by David

May 13, 2019

Back to top ABS is often used in 3D printing for its ease of post-processing and great temperature resistance, but it’s infamous for its tendency to warp. Find out how to fix that. A diagram of warping in action, demonstrating the effects of thermal contraction. Source: Warping is a common FDM 3D printing phenomenon where the edges and corners of 3D prints begin curling off the print surface. Warping can singlehandedly ruin otherwise perfect prints, rendering them deformed and dimensionally inaccurate. The problem is caused by thermal contraction, as demonstrated in the diagram above. As the extruded plastic cools, it contracts. The first layer of the 3D print, however, is adhered to the build surface, which doesn’t allow it to contract with the rest of the model. Instead, the forces begin to bend the bottom of the print upwards. ABS suffers heavily from this, as it remains solid […]


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