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How to Manufacture a Fleet of Drones and Save a Forest

How to Manufacture a Fleet of Drones and Save a Forest

Written by David

March 27, 2019

It’s not an easy task keeping the environment green, but DroneSeed is making it more manageable. The service provider works with forestry agencies, non-profits, and governmental agencies to help restore fire-ravaged areas using… drones. When they had to get a large fleet of drones out on the field, DroneSeed turned to 3D Hubs to quickly scale up their manufacturing production. DroneSeed retrofits drones to drop seed vessels in the scorched soil so that they can develop and also flourish in their native environment. “The company’s biggest goal is to boost seed survival so that we can maximize post-fire responses and get the greatest survival rate before invasive species come in,” explains Grant Canary, CEO. Their services require a whole team of hardware engineers, scientists, and software developers. Their custom drone also needs a lot of custom parts and many modifications during the design process. In this post, we will […]


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