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How to Avoid Wasting Empty Filament Spools

3D printing may be an inherently waste-generating activity, but recent years have seen 3D printing professionals adopt more environmentally friendly practices. By using biodegradable plastics and recycling scrap prints to make new filament, there has been a concerted effort to reduce the solid waste from 3D printing.


However, there is still one type of waste that is yet to be addressed fully – the empty filament spools.


Disposal of empty filament spools has been a perennial problem in 3D printing. It’s not unusual for a 3D printing firm to end up with hundreds of these empty spools in the space of a month. What can we do to avoid having these spools end up in a landfill? 1. Buy spools made of cardboard An easy way to avoid having to deal with the plastic of empty […]


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