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How to 3D-print a living, beating heart

How to 3D-print a living, beating heart

Written by David

November 19, 2018

Home Features Technology Interview 14 November 2018 How to 3D-print a living, beating heart Think 3D printing is all about obscure plastic widgets? Think again – bioprinting pioneer Jennifer Lewis has a plan to make living, breathing human organs Jennifer Lewis’s pioneering work could allow us to engineer organs from scratch Wyss Institute at Harvard University By Sean O’Neill THE 3D-printing revolution is here. From guns and houses to prosthetic limbs and vehicle parts, if you can think it, you can print it . Or you can as long as it is inanimate matter. But imagine being able to print a kidney, or a brand new beating heart. Jennifer Lewis of Harvard University, who runs a team working at the living edge of 3D bioprinting, is aiming to do just that. What do you see as being the long-term goal of bioprinting? The ability to print and implant vital […]


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