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How medical device companies use AM for production today part 5: Lazarus 3D additive manufacturing

Written by David

February 13, 2020

You can’t bring patients back from the dead, but you can prepare a surgeon to keep them alive.


That seems to be the philosophy of Lazarus 3D, a medical model company based in Houston, Texas that is, in its own words, “revolutionizing medicine and healthcare.” The company makes soft and realistic 3D printed models of patient body parts that surgeons can use to prepare for the theater and which junior doctors can use for training purposes, providing a lifelike substitute for the human body.


Additive manufacturing is at the heart of what Lazarus 3D does. In fact, the company has patented its own 3D printing technology called PRE-SURE (PRe-operative SUrgical REhearsal), which it uses to fabricate lifelike models from soft silicones or hydrogels. The company has installed eight of these 3D printing systems in house and usually prints the detailed dummies overnight. These models are either representative or, in the case of surgical preparation, patient-specific. In the latter case, Lazarus 3D designs the models using DICOM (medical imaging) data provided by medical professionals.


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