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How is light used in 3D printing?

How is light used in 3D printing?

Written by David

May 29, 2019

In the early days of 3D printing, stereolithography (SL) was one of the main methods of building parts layer by layer. It was invented by Chuck Hull, who built a company around this technology, 3D Systems. Stereolithography is now considered to be one of the technologies under the category vat photopolymerization. The others include Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) and digital light projector (DLP). SL typically uses a UV light to harden and cure liquid photo-sensitive resin into a three-dimensional shape. Early versions had the build plate dip into the resin and a laser would then cure that layer. By today’s standards, this process is considered slow. Video from Formlabs. Efforts to speed up the curing of the liquid resin resulted in several technical advances. One was the use of a type of digital light projector (DLP), which could cover more area in one pass. Think of it this way, […]


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