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How is Digital Technology Reshaping the Film Industry?

How is Digital Technology Reshaping the Film Industry?

Written by David

April 25, 2019

Digital technology has changed a lot about how the world works. In the Digital Age, physical borders and limitations mean very little. It truly is a wonderful time to be alive. Digital cameras are smaller, lighter, sharper, and more powerful. We walk around with awesome computing power in our pockets – our smartphones. We can work remotely using cloud-based services like TeamViewer . Digital market has infiltrated almost any type of industry you could name. That includes the film industry as well, even though that may surprise you. 5 Digital Technologies Reshaping the Film Industry Digital technology has progressed to a very advanced point. Compare the powerful digital cameras of today with the analog ones from the past. Even our smartphone cameras have evolved. Far from the point-and-shoot mechanics of cameras, phones can now record 360-degree views. 3D rendering allows films to insert individuals in a film that aren’t […]


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