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How ICON Is Building the $4,000 3D-Printed Homes of the Future

How ICON Is Building the $4,000 3D-Printed Homes of the Future

Written by David

February 15, 2019

In 2017, ICON co-founders Jason Ballard, Evan Loomis, and Evan Le Roux met Brett Hagler, co-founder of the non-profit New Story , and realized that they had a united mission: To employ 3D printing and new building technologies to transform the construction industry and provide affordable, durable, and sustainable homes to those in need. This is the first permitted 3D-printed home ever completed. ICON completed the 3D-printed portion of the home in about 48 hours. It was almost as if the two companies were destined to join forces: New Story was searching for innovative ways to bring quality housing to more families, and ICON was developing proprietary 3D printing technology and materials that could do just that. ICON prints walls layer by layer using a new type of mortar developed specifically for the purpose. Just eight months later, in March 2018, ICON and New Story completed the first permitted […]


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