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How far can 3D printing go in its reach for potential products?

How far can 3D printing go in its reach for potential products?

Written by David

September 1, 2020

Far from being merely a prototyping or small parts solution, 3D printing has in recent years been used to create a variety of practical structures, from bridges to offices and other large scale structures.


And why not, when options like custom CNC machining can springboard items into production so much faster and more cheaply than traditional methods. There are other obvious benefits, like shorter construction times, sustainability, and increased flexibility in design.


Moreover, a service like 3D printing Los Angeles brings production closer to the customer, reducing travel time and costs. In 2018, a family in France became the first in the world to move into a 3D printed house. 3D printed bones The need for human donors to provide pieces of bone for implant into victims of accident or disease could soon be a thing of the past. It’s always been a difficult process, demanding […]


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