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How Engineers Use Desktop Metal 3D printing

With nearly 10,000 fabricated parts, Desktop Metal has collected data and use cases based on more than 1,000 customer benchmarks to get an inside look at how customers use metal parts made with its Studio System. Customers, including John Zink, Alpha Precision Group (APG) and Master Drilling, share their experiences with the Studio System technology and provide key applications – some expected and some literally game-changing. Each of these parts has shown drastic cost reduction – some by as much as 90% relative to machining and selective laser melting (SLM) – as well as speed in fabrication, producing parts in days instead of weeks or months. Here are a few examples: #1 Functional prototyping – 45% Metal 3D printing allows engineers to test not just form and fit but also function. Functional prototyping calls for parts that adhere to specific thermal and chemical requirements. In addition, an overwhelming majority […]


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