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How Dutch 3D printing service Oceanz fits into the picture

How Dutch 3D printing service Oceanz fits into the picture

Written by David

November 13, 2018

Erik van der Garde, CEO of Oceanz Though a small nation, the Netherlands has made quite a significant impact on the additive manufacturing industry in recent years. Industrious and innovative companies, including professional 3D printing service Oceanz , got their start in the Netherlands and many startups and businesses are helping to cultivate a rich environment there for the advancement and adoption of additive manufacturing. Based in Ede, a small city in the center of the Netherlands, Oceanz has become a reliable service bureau for professional applications since its founding and operates a versatile range of 3D printing technologies to serve its clients. We recently spoke to Oceanz CEO Erik van der Garde about the company’s mission and how it fits into the broader additive manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. “In general we offer business-to-business services,” he begins. “We don’t do a lot of business directly with consumers. Of […]


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